About Dr. Lee Bowers

Dr. Lee Bowers
 Lee grew up in a simple, loving, blue collar family outside a small farm town in rural Pennsylvania, on the shores of Lake Erie. Being somewhat isolated (her closest playmate lived a mile away, and she was five years older than her only sibling), Lee found companionship in books very early in life. Besides reading, her other passions as a child and teen were gardening, swimming, music, math, and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Eager to leave rural life behind, Lee left for the University of Pittsburgh on her 18th birthday and never looked back. She started out as a math major, and might well have ended up spending her working life in a cubical with a computer, until she took an elective in psychology and was hooked. She graduated from Pitt at age 20, with a double major in psychology and economics, and a minor in math.

Lee was an Air Force officer during the Vietnam War, and then worked in various human resource positions in the corporate world, before earning a Master’s in Counseling and later, a Doctorate in Psychology. Her 20 year marriage to Jim ended amicably, many years ago, and they remain friendly. Lee has been in private practice for over 25 years and is a Licensed Psychologist in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Her passions include University of Pittsburgh football and basketball, live music in smaller venues, the Philadelphia Phillies, Martin Guitars, animal rescue, energy conservation, and warm ocean beaches.

Inspiration for her book, "Divorce Proof Your Marriage Before You Say 'I Do' - Seven Essential Conversations" comes from the many clients she's met over 25 years of practice; countless individuals who are intelligent, sensitive, decent people, and yet they suffer when it comes to love. The book is written to help readers achieve healthy, successful love commitments. Men and women, young and old, gay or straight -it is for anyone seeking, in, or recovering from love. It is your yellow brick road to considerate communication and peaceful, fulfilling relationships.